Thursday 6 April 2023

Homemade Delicious Braised Gluten Puffs 最健康美味三色齋 — 自家製紅燒烤麵筋泡芙

When and where was the last time you had these soft and tender, luscious, meaty yet melt-in-the mouth, and super flavoursome Gluten Balls?

Growing up in Hong Kong, we used to buy them from street hawkers as a tasty snack, order them as a gourmet dish from vegetarian restaurants, or enjoy them as part of a delicious meal at dining halls from some of the Buddhist or Taoist temples.


在香港長大,我們非常喜愛這些三色齋。 過去常常可以從街頭小販那裡買來作小吃,在素食餐廳點來作小菜,或在很多佛教或道教寺院的食堂享用它們作為美味齋菜的一部分。