Monday 16 November 2015

辣椒燉牛肉醬 Chilli Con Carne

在兒子 7 歲那年,他第一次被同學邀請參加「焰火之夜」的晚會,我們起初還有些猶豫,因為小孩子對火的好奇有時令人擔心。幸好隔天我便收到了邀請函,原來每個被邀請的孩子,爸媽也都同時被邀請參與。 

When our son was seven, he was invited to a Bonfire night party for the first time, hosted by one of his school friend’s parents at their house. We were initially somewhat hesitant as young children could get so excited by the fire, however it turned out that the whole family was invited too so we gladly went along.