Thursday 21 April 2022

健康美味素煎釀三寶 Vegan Pan-Fried Stuffed Three Treasures


Fried Stuffed Three Treasures is one of the most popular authentic street foods in Hong Kong, and it is also a dim sum or a classic small dish which you can often find in Hong Kong-style teahouse restaurants. Ever since I became a vegan, it has been down as one of the must-do meals on my long list! It is much loved by our friends and family also; my children requested the recipe so that they can make them at home for themselves!

Thursday 7 April 2022

美味素雲吞湯麵 Vegan Wonton Noodle Soup



In the past, whenever I went back to Hong Kong, I would always try to hunt down the best dim sum restaurants and wonton noodle shops, these were both some of my favourite foods to eat from childhood.

怎樣做最完美的蔥油餅 + 純素捲心菜芝蔴餅 How to make The Perfect Vegan Scallion Pancakes + Cabbage & Sesame Pancakes



最完美的蔥油餅 : 它必需是煎香的,是外酥裡嫩的。好的蔥油餅的特點是外層和邊緣要酥脆,內部有許多層次,口感要夠耐嚼。』

What is the perfect scallion pancakes?

“It is pan-fried which gives it crisp edges yet also a chewy texture. A unique characteristic of scallion pancakes is the many layers that make up the interior, which help contribute to its chewy texture.”

素紅燒肉 Vegan No Pork Belly


素紅燒肉 Vegan No Pork Belly

素聚寶巢 Vegan Treasure Nest

Vegan Treasure Nest — Chinese New Year Good Luck Gourmet