Saturday 23 March 2024

Better Than Shark Fin Soup (Vegan) 美味養生素魚翅羹

Many of us have old memories and impressions of shark fin soup, an expensive delicacy only served at special celebratory occasions in restaurants. Or the Hong Kong style Imitation Shark Fin Soup (碗仔翅), a popular street food which you could buy from street hawkers selling them around the corners from your schools or outdoor places where mobile food carts were gathered many years ago.  Now, you may find yourself - like me and my family - no longer want to eat the real thing nor possible to enjoy the counterpart version, but still would like to conjure up those feelings again. Or you would just like to indulge yourself or your family with a simple to make, but totally sumptuous, affordable, nourishing, delicious healthy soup. Then my unique vegan version “Better Than Shark Fin Soup” is just what you need! 

很多人對魚翅湯都有舊的記憶和印象。這款從前只有在特殊喜慶場合才會提供的湯羹;或是港式仿魚翅湯(碗仔翅),這是一種令人懷念的街頭食品,你可以在學校的拐角處或在美食小販聚集的流動車那裡買得到。 但現在,你或許像我和我的家人一樣,不吃真正的、也没有可能隨時享用得到模倣的版本,卻仍想再次喚起那些参加親友喜宴時的回憶和童年站在街頭吃碗仔翅的感受。 或者你只是想讓自己或家人享受一道製作容易、簡單華麗、價格實惠、營養豐富、美味健康的湯品。 那麼我獨特的純素比魚翅湯更好版本,正是你所需要的!