Monday 15 December 2014

佳節套餐 - 甜品 Festive Three Course Dinner - Dessert

還有 12 天便是聖誕節了。家裏已開始大清潔,掛裝飾,買禮物,準備應節食品等等。孩子們很快便回家,親友們來探訪;日子在倒數中,我已逐漸為每天假期編策著不同的菜單。

It’s only 12 days until Christmas. I’ve already started cleaning and decorating the house, getting food and presents ready; the children will soon be home, friends and family are visiting. It’s counting down time, I am beginning to plan the menus for our meals for each day of the holidays. 

Saturday 13 December 2014

佳節套餐 - 主菜 Festive Three Course Dinner - Main Course


I posted the recipe for the starter from this festive dinner yesterday,  let's have a look at how to make the main course - Lemon, garlic and thyme roasted chicken today. 

Friday 12 December 2014

佳節套餐 - 前菜 Festive Three Course Dinner - Starter


A dear friend of mine told me, last year she followed my Turkey breast roll recipe, cooked up a big feast for her friends, everybody loved it. However his year she wouldn't have the time to cook so many side dishes, but still would like to prepare a simple meal for a few of her close friends. She said she wants to make a three course dinner which the dessert is the highlight of the menu, but doesn't require a lot of hard work. I said to her I might as well go over there and cook it for her.

Sunday 7 December 2014

聖誕大餐 Christmas Dinner


For some people, cooking a Christmas dinner is like going into battle! Firstly you have to decide which meat to roast, whether it’s going to be turkey, beef, lamb, pork or gammon. Then comes the question of the trimmings; what side dishes should accompany the main meat, and what sauces should be prepared to go with them? On top of that, precise timing is required in order to deliver the feast piping hot and fresh to the table. It’s no mean feat! 

Tuesday 2 December 2014

鹹魚肉粒茄子豆腐煲 Salted Fish with Pork, Eggplant and Tofu