Wednesday 8 February 2023

腐皮素雞素燒鴨 Bean Curd Sheet Vegan Chicken & Vegan Roast Duck

The first time I tried this delicious vegan ‘chicken’ made with tofu skin, I was a very young girl and was still living in Hong Kong. My parents had been to a temple and brought them back for us. They were made by their master - Shīfu, one of the venerables there.

第一次吃到這些用腐皮做的美味純素雞時,我還是一個非常年輕的女孩,當時尚住在香港。 我的父母是佛教徒,那天他們從寺院帶回來這些腐皮素雞,告訴我們那是由他們師父親手做的,師父是寺院裡的一位法師。