Thursday 19 May 2022

Endless love ~ Spring Road Trips 💗 無盡的愛 ~ 春天的自駕遊

The sweet smell, the warm sunshine and the colourful blooms are so refreshing to the senses after the starkness of winter months. The sight of baby lambs - either when they are newborn, huddling close to their mothers, or bouncing around playfully, is one of the most touching and beautiful moments of the season. 

在嚴寒的冬天過去之後,溫暖的陽光,盛放的花兒和空氣中甜美的氣息,讓人感覺渾身清新舒暢。郊野外,舉目可見的小羊 ,無論是剛出生,或依偎在母親身旁,或嬉戲地蹦蹦跳跳;是這個季節中最感人、最美麗的情景之一。