Wednesday 26 November 2014

松露巧克力蛋糕 Chocolate Truffle Torte

昨天和老公南下 Buckinghamshire 的 Burnham Beeches 去看那迷人山林的秋色。在午間中天的陽光下,閃爍古銅的黃葉沿著兩旁的路領我們往樹林駛去。

We went down south to the beautiful woodland Burnham Beeches in Buckinghamshire yesterday, hoping to catch it in the late autumn light. Driving under the midday sun, the bronze yellow leaves glittered along the road which led us into the forest.


Although still early, we knew the late autumn sun wouldn't stay long in the day, it would disappear very quickly in the afternoon, and without warning, the evening arrives.


We followed the long shadow cast by the sun deep into the wood, realising early winter has quietly arrived.


Hazy mist trails around the corner, steam evaporating from dampened wood fences into the warm sunlight.


Trekking on top of the fallen leaves, water droplets and dried leaves took turns dropping down the branches and landing on our head and body.

這一年過得真快,還有一個月便聖誕節了。感覺上 2014 年才剛開始似的。


為了到時不會讓她和家人失望,我從新再深造人像攝影的課程,上山拜師,不斷練習,置新器材,接受工作等等。這半年來在部落格上的菜少了,在 Facebook 的食譜與攝影作品也可能不成比例。但想起當初設立這部落格和臉書專頁也是希望「在這裏,我與你分享我的烹飪、我的攝影和發生在我身邊的小故事。」的原意時,希望大家不會介意。能與你們分享我喜歡的事物或盡心盡力做的菜,都是喜悅的事情。

This year has gone by so quickly, it's now only a month left before Christmas, yet it feels like 2014 has only just began.

After coming back from Taiwan in late April, I immersed myself fully into further photography study, all because of my promise to a young lady, to be the photographer at her wedding in June 2015.

In order not to let her or her family down with the photos at the ceremony, I dedicated myself to studying portrait photography again, practising constantly, investing in new equipment and taking commissions. As a result, I have been writing and sharing less recipes, and the proportion of the posts on Facebook between food and photography are less balanced. Since my original reason for setting up this blog was, " To share with you my cooking, my photography, and the little stories of those around me." I hope you don't mind.



One of my readers remarked jokingly, " I've been waiting for this Chocolate truffle torte for so long, I've turned into a giraffe!"

Without further ado, here is the recipe.

松露巧克力蛋糕  Chocolate Truffle Torte

( 12 人份 )

  • 黑巧克力 450g,折成小方塊
  • 液體葡萄糖 liquid glucose 5 大匙 ( 在超市的烘焙部門出售,找不到的話可用糖漿 golden syrup 代替 )
  • 利口酒如 Tia Maria 或 Coffee liqueur 5 大匙
  • 意大利杏仁餅 amaretti biscuits 75g
  • 鮮奶油 ( Double cream, 乳脂含量 48% ) 600ml
  • 松露巧克力 12 粒 ( 我用 Lindt Lindor )
  • 烤榛果碎粒或意大利杏仁餅碎粒 1 小碗作裝飾
           8in 脫底彈簧烤盤 1 個

( serves 12 )

  • 450g dark chocolate, broken into squares
  • 5 tbsp liquid glucose ( you can get them in the baking section in supermarkets, if you can't find any, can use golden syrup instead )
  • 5 tbsp Tia Maria or rich coffee liqueur
  • 75g amaretti biscuits
  • 600ml double cream
  • 12 assorted truffles ( I used Lindt Lindor )
  • a small bowl of finely processed roasted hazelnut or amaretti biscuits for decoration 
          8in loose-based cake tin

做法 Method:

1.)   把大碗置於一小鍋低温燃著的沸水上,碗底不能接觸到沸水。放進巧克力,液體葡萄糖

2.)   把烤盤底掃油,舖上烘焙紙,在紙上和烤盤的週圍也掃油。

1.)   Melt the chocolate, liquid glucose and liqueur together in a heatproof bowl set over a pan of
       gently simmering water. Remove from the heat and leave to cool slightly.

2.)   Grease and line the baking tin with baking parchment.

3.)   把意大利杏仁餅用攪拌器打碎,舖在烤盤底部,用玻璃杯輕撥壓平。把鮮奶油用手提打

3.)   Crumble the amaretti biscuits over the base of the prepared tin, use the bottom of a glass to press
       down gently. Whip the cream until it "just" holds, then gently fold through the melted chocolate

4.)   倒進烤盤中抹平,置冰箱內 6 小時凝結。然後小心把蛋糕取出在盤子上解開,把松露巧

4.)   Pour into the tin and smooth the surface. Place in the fridge for 6 hours to firm up. Carefully ease
       the chocolate torte out of the tin and on to a cake stand. Arrange the chocolate truffles on top and
       sprinkle with either the finely chopped roasted hazelnuts or the amaretti biscuits crumbs.


I think most of us believe the festive season is about sharing the celebrations with your nearest and dearest, enjoying moments of indulgence or just making time for one another. This easy to make but super scrumptious chocolate truffle torte will spoil your family and friends yet keep your life simple.


  1. 这组照片非常好看。秋色真的很迷人。
    还有这道 cho 松露蛋糕的陪伴更加棒了。like 。。。。。。。

    1. Dear Joceline,


  2. Dear Jane,

    1. 親愛的梅綺,

      上星期整理書櫃,看到妳送我的「老爹媽思廚」,才打算那天再照書中食譜做一兩個菜來懷舊,今天妳就來探我了,多巧!非常感謝妳給這些勉慰體貼的話 ,不知是否秋末之年,更想把握機會學習和實踐心願。五年後的退休計劃是重拾畫筆 !
      梅綺妳才是我的學習對象呢,明年我要努力運動健身和小心飲食,要跟妳一樣找回三十歲時的腰圍 ^^ 也祝願妳和家人繼續快樂幸福,健康平安。

  3. 你影啲相好靓。整啲食物卖相又靓! 虽然我咪食过啦,但系一定好好未~~ 哈哈

    1. Dear 非一凡,

      哈哈妳太過奬我啦,但謝謝妳!好久不見了,希望別來無恙 :)