Sunday 19 May 2013

自家製營養豆腐花 Homemade Nutritious Soya Milk Jelly


When I was a child, among all the sweet things they sold in the street stalls or little pudding shops, I loved " Tofu fa" - Bean curd custard - the most.  When I grew up and started working, every time  I ate out with friends or colleagues, if the restaurants had got "Tofu fa" on the dessert menu, I would definitely choose it.  After I got married, each time we went back to Hong Kong, I usually sought out a few places which made the best version of my favourite pudding..


Then I have children of my own, I made soya bean milk for them regularly; but have always reluctant to try making the tofu custard. My husband laughed at me, saying consuming the Gypsum powder in the Tofu fa all these years didn't seem to have done me any harm, why would I worry about giving it to our children! I've considered using the gelatin, but then the horrifying  mad cow decease broke out in the UK; as gelatin derived from collagen obtained from various animal by-products, everybody was stopped using it at that time. So my wish of making my own tofu custard has been put to one side all these years.

上两星期在超市內碰見一位鄰居。她說女兒的两位好友,一個不能吃牛乳類產品,一個不吃葷;來玩時要給她們做蛋糕甜品真的很傷腦筋。我對她提議並討論了用豆奶和瓊膠 agar - agar 的食譜;她歡天喜地的親了我離去。

A couple of weeks ago, I bumped into a neighbour in the supermarket. She said two of her daughter's best friends are coming to play; as one of them can't eat dairy products, one of them is vegetarian, making desserts for them always a problem. So I suggested recipes with soya milk and agar agar, she kissed and thanked me as we said good bye.


On the way home I thought to myself, if I mix soya milk and agar together, it will become soya milk jelly - tofu custard, won't it?

瓊膠即是瓊脂,又名洋菜或燕菜;我記得在香港時是叫大菜的。英文是 agar - agar 或單稱 agar。是一種純植物性的膠凝劑,來自海底生長的石花菜;含有豐富的水溶性纖維,具有排毒、養顏和降血壓等對人體有益的保健功能。

Agar or agar-agar, is a pure vegetable gelling agent, from seaweed which grown at the bottom of the sea. It contains a lot of mineral and water-soluble fibre. It can provide detoxification, serve as a intestinal regulator,  lowering blood pressure, beautifying and so on; all these health benefit effects.


Traditionally fishermen harvest them, after washing and sun-drying them a few times, they then wrapping them up in cloth to store. When need it, put some in a pan to boil on a low heat for a few hours to make into a jelly pudding. Commercially, the gelatinous substance is derived and extracted by boiling, then made into dried long strips or in powder form to sell. According to the US Pharmacopoeia, agar is allowed and classified as a natural food addictive.

‧( 4- 6 人份 )


  • 超市出售或自製豆奶 / 豆漿 2 pint
  • 砂糖 2 - 3 湯匙隨意 ( 可以不加 )
  • 瓊脂粉 Agar ( or agar-agar) 2 包 - 在英國可以在 Asda 或 Waitrose 買到,甚至可以在 Amazon 網上訂購。在 Asda 賣的只叫做 vegetarian gel, 但在包裝背後會註明是 Agar。用時根據包裝上指示用照比例的豆奶做適當的份量便可。 
  • 煲 1 隻,蛋拂 1 支
  • 量杯 2 個
  • 盛豆腐花的大碗或小杯隨意
  1. 把 2 包瓊脂粉倒進煲內 ( 每包 10g ),從 2 pint 豆奶中倒出 400ml 奶進另一量杯去 (這是包裝上指示的份量)。
  2. 把倒出的 400ml 豆奶傾進煲內拌勻,然後把餘下的豆奶和砂糖全加進煲內一起拌勻。
  3. 置爐上用中小火煮滾後,讓其繼續滾 2 分鐘 ( 如火太猛的話要移到小火去)。注意別讓奶滾瀉和烘焦,期間要不時攪拌以防黏底。-- 這是 Asda 賣的 vegetarian gel 做法。每個牌子的 Agar 用法指示不同,要根據所購包裝方法才好。
  4. 煲好的瓊脂奶可直接隔著鋼篩倒進大碗或小碗內,然後用匙羹首先撥去泡末,5 - 10 分鐘後豆奶上會有層薄膜凝結,也可以用匙羹把這薄膜小心取出。靜置 1 小時後便成為豆腐花。

Homemade Nutritious Soya Milk Jelly
( serves 4 - 6 )

  • 2 pint supermarket or homemade soya milk 
  • 2 - 3 tbsp caster sugar ( according to taste )
  • 2 sachets Agar ( agar - agar ) 10 g each - you can buy them at Asda or Waitrose in the UK, or order from Amazon. If you buy them from Asda, they just called it vegetarian gel, but at the back of the package, the ingredients says it is Agar. Use it according to the instructions.
          A small pan and a whisk
          2 measuring jugs
          1 big bowl or a few small ones to put the soya milk jelly in to set

  1. Put the 2 sachets Agar in the pan, pour 400ml soya milk from the 2 pint milk jug into another measuring jug ( this is the instructions on the packet of the Agar I used).
  2. Add the 400ml milk into the Agar in the pan to mix well, then pour the rest of the milk and sugar in and stir thoroughly until completely dissolved.
  3. Heat the mixture on medium low heat to boiling point for 2 minutes. Stir occasionally, pay attention not to let it burn to the bottom or over spill. -- this is the instructions on the back of the Asda vegetarian gel. Just follow the instructions of the brand that you use.
  4. The mixture is now ready to pour through a metal mesh sieve into a big bowl or a few small bowls to set. You can skim the top with a spoon to get rid of the air bubbles, and after  5 - 10 minutes when a thin layer of skin starts to form, carefully remove it with a spoon too. Then an hour later, the soya milk jelly should be firm enough to serve.
左:黃冰糖   中:片糖    右:棕櫚糖
left: yellow rock sugar   middle: brown cane sugar   right: palm sugar


  • 可選用任何種類的糖,如上列各款的糖甚至砂糖也可以。當然每種糖做出來的糖漿味道都有點不同,可以每款做少許作嘗試,日後便知道各樣口味了。做好的糖漿存放在乾淨的瓶子裏、置冰箱內可存 3 個月。用途很多,可以加進凍檸檬茶、凍咖啡奶茶、雞尾酒;淋在 pancake 上,加進豆腐花同吃等等。
  1. 1 份的糖加 1 份的水。舉例: 200g 糖 + 200ml 水 。 
  2. 小煲內加進糖和水,先用大火煲滾糖水,可以畧為攪拌以防黏底。然後轉小火繼續煲至糖完全溶化後再煮 5 分鐘左右至畧稠便成。
Homemade syrup:
  • You can use any type of sugar, like the ones above or just granulated sugar. Of course each type of sugar produce different flavoured syrup, you may want to experiment with making a little at a time to find out for future references. Homemade syrups can be stored in cleaned disinfected jar and leave in fridge for up to 3 months. Can be used in adding to iced lemon tea, iced milk tea and coffee; also mix in cocktails and served with soya milk jelly etc.
  1. A ratio of 1 part sugar to 1 part water. eg: 200g sugar + 200ml water.
  2. Add sugar and water in a pan, Bring to the boil over medium high heat, then turn down to simmer until the sugar is completely dissolved. Continue to simmer for further 5 minutes until the syrup thickens a little and is ready to serve.


Homemade soya milk jelly can be served with just syrups. But I've prepared mango cubes, Tapioca pearls in sweetened coconut milk, and lightly salted chopped mixed nuts to serve with it this time; you can eat it with each item separately or put them all together, they will all be silky smooth and super scrumptious. If keep in the fridge overnight and serve the next day, it has got to be a fantastic choice as a nutritious cool summer pudding, I strongly recommend it!


  1. Dear Jane, thanks for your kindness to share with us this wonderful recipe!! I shall try this out! Many thanks, fairy Jane ^^. From: shing

    1. Dear Shing,

      Haha you're so kind and lovely!! No problem at all, very glad that you like this recipe. Hope you'll try it out, it's the easiest, healthiest and most delicious dessert I've ever made :)

  2. Wonderful Dai So!
    I am off to make some tomorrow for the children, I'll let you know how I get on xx

    1. Dear Kimie,

      It really is very easy to make and so smooth and delicious to eat, the children will love it! Please do let me know how you get on :) xx

  3. 太好了~ 我家剛好也有vegetarian gel! 但我之前賣過兩種豆奶,喝下去都沒有太濃的黃豆味道,請問你知道在一般英國超市有哪種或哪個品牌的豆奶味道比較像香港的豆漿? 另外,豆奶要挑sweetened的還是unsweetened的? 謝謝你! :)

    1. Dear Viviana,

      不要客氣!對啊,英國在超市買回來的豆奶就是缺乏了在香港時飲的豆漿香味;孩子們小時我會自己打豆漿給他們喝,現在家中只我两老便買現成的。我買的是 Alpro,沒糖的。煮豆腐花時才下 2 湯匙,可以自己控制糖份。

  4. 嗨Jane,

    1. Dear Aunty Young,

      買回來或自己預備的碎果仁粒在平底不黏鍋上用小火烘至金黃 ( 無須下油 ),期間翻動數轉以防烘焦。烘好後下少許鹽調味便成了 :)

  5. Jane姐的豆腐花那么丰盛哦!!

    1. Dear 莎莎,

      嘻嘻,每樣配料都好吃,全加進一起吃更加滋味呢 ^.^

  6. 四川、重慶的豆花往往加入辣味調料食用

    1. Dear 小咪,


  7. Such great recipe. This can also be called as vegan panna cotta!

    1. Dear Pooooeee,

      Thank you very much!
      Yes, I suppose you could :)

  8. Dear Jane :) Thank you so much for sharing this recipe! We tried making tofu fa at home a couple of weeks ago but couldn't find the Gypsum powder and we also didn't want to use it in our food we used gelatin instead. Even though we don't have the issue of mad cow disease it didn't have a very nice tecture ~

    Now I know I can try making it with agar agar!!! Can't wait to try!

    1. Dear Daisy,

      Haha this is the second time that we made something similar around the same time, coincidence or the six sense?! ;p

      I do hope you will give this a try, not only it's so versatile as a dessert or cold snack in the summer, it's also very nutritious and absolutely delicious!! You can have it served with anything you like too :D

  9. 在夏日的午後或是晚餐飯後


    1. Dear 蘋果米,


      聽著我已想捧一碗來吃了 :D

  10. 豆腐花软软滑滑的,又加了各式各样的配料,我佩服你,Jane :)

    1. Dear Esther,

      哈哈請不要取笑我!不吃罷不吃,當然要把各種心愛的配料加進才夠開懷啊! ^^

  11. ya, I love to make homemade soy bean jelly too, so refreshing right?

    1. Dear Sonia,

      Totally agree!! Can't beat homemade desserts, as we can control the amount of sugar we put in, feel a lot more relaxed when eating it ~

  12. 我至愛薑汁豆腐花, 不過孩子對soy bean敏感, 對杏仁則不會, 或者套用Jane食譜做杏仁豆腐花給他消暑 ;)

    1. Dear Miss LK,

      噢我真懷念薑汁豆腐花,也很多年沒吃過了。英國的孩子對食物敏感會隨年歲增長而逐漸有好轉,希望小 V 也如是。杏仁豆花不但可消暑,對皮膚更好,我也想做點嚐嚐 ;p

  13. The soy milk custard looks awesome!! Great Idea!!

    What is the ratio of agar agar to soy milk in your recipe? i.e how many grams of agar and how many mls of soy milk?

    Really want to try! :)

    1. Hello,

      How are you! Thank you for wanting to try making this soya milk jelly.

      Each brand of agar has different instruction, just need to follow what's on the packet. Mine is 1 sachet 10g to set approximately 570ml/1 pint of liquid.

      Have fun and let me know how you get on :D