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Vegan Radish Cake | All Year Round Delicious Dim Sim 素蘿蔔糕 | 全年美味點心


Chinese Radish cake (also known as turnip cake), or Lo Bak Go, is one of the most popular Cantonese dim sim dishes as well as a Chinese New Year favourite.


The ingredients for a traditional Chinese Radish Cake typically include cured pork sausage and dried shrimps or dried scallops. 

I have adapted a delicious vegan version of the recipe for many years already, well loved by my family and friends; with ingredients such as dried shiitake mushrooms and preserved radish to act as the ultra meaty and umami counterparts. Using the lightly fried Enoki mushrooms in my homemade salt and pepper sprinkle also helps to replicate the seafood flavours. 

This is a simple and easy to make Chinese Radish Cake. It has an amazing texture and depth of flavour. You can enjoy it for breakfast, as a light meal or snack; serving it on its own, or with congee, hot tea, and chilli sauce.

傳統中式蘿蔔糕的原料通常包括醃製豬肉香腸和乾蝦或乾貝。 這些年來,我一直在研究美味的純素版本食譜,直至深受家人和朋友的喜愛才滿意。 用乾香菇和蘿蔔條乾作為取代醃肉的口感和滋味。 我用自配的椒鹽粉拌炒一下煎煸過的金針菇增加鲜美,還略帶海鮮的味道。

這是一款簡單易做的蘿蔔糕。 它有很多著令人欣喜的口感和多層的美味。 你可以將它作為早餐、簡便午餐或小吃; 更可以用來下粥、品茗熱茶和蘸沾辣椒醬一起食用。希望你不會錯過這食譜。

( for the Chinese translation please scroll down


Chinese Radish Cake (Vegan)

(makes 1 large size loaf tin, you can use any containers that you have, round or rectangular, as long as they can fit into your steamer)


Flour Mixture (the batter) :


1¾ cup rice flour

¼ cup wheat starch

½ tbsp corn flour

¼ tsp salt

¼ tsp ground white pepper

¼ tsp natural mushroom seasoning

1 tbsp neutral flavour vegetable oil

1½ cup water

Filling Mixture :

40g dried Shittake mushrooms

80g dried preserved Chinese radish strips

200g Enoki mushrooms

1 medium size carrot

Seasoning for the filling mixture :

1 tsp sugar

¼ tsp ground white pepper

½ tsp natural mushroom seasoning

½ tsp light soy sauce

1 tbsp vegan oyster sauce

1 tbsp sesame oil

1 tbsp rice wine

½ tsp * homemade salt and pepper seasoning

for frying: 2 tbsp neutral flavour vegetable oil

* Homemade Salt and Pepper seasoning 

( make and keep this in a jar and use it when you need it next time) :

2 tbsp salt

1 tbsp ground white pepper

1 tbsp ground Sichuan pepper 

1 tbsp sugar

1 tsp natural mushroom seasoning

½ tsp five spice powder

2 tbsp chilli flakes

For the radish :

1 medium size Chinese white radish (about 450 - 600g )

½ cup soaked mushrooms water

¼ tsp salt

1 tsp sugar

½ tsp ground white pepper

Method :

1  Soak the dried Shiitake mushrooms in warm water for 5-10 minutes until softened. Discard the water, wash and rinse the mushrooms thoroughly before soaking in fresh warm water (about 50°C ) for 2 hours. Keep the soaking water. Wash the dried radish then soak for an hour.

2  In a large bowl, whisk together the ingredients for the flour mixture until combined and then leave to one side.

3  Mix the seasoning for the filling mixture in a bowl. Squeeze out the water from the shiitake mushrooms, dice into small cubes. Pat dry the preserved radish strips and dice into small cubes. Peel and grate the carrot.

4  Cut off the bottom part of the Enoki mushrooms, rinse the rest of the mushrooms well and pat dry with clean tea towel, cut into short sections. 

5  Peel the Chinese radish. Grate or cut into strips ( I did half and half ).

6. Grease the loaf tin or any container all over before lining the bottom with parchment paper, brush the top of the paper with oil too. 

7  Heat a frying pan over medium heat with 2 tbsp oil, add in the sectioned Enoki mushrooms. Gently sauté over medium high heat until golden, turn down to low heat, add in ½ tsp of the * homemade salt and pepper seasoning and toss evenly together before emptying into a bowl.

8  Wipe clean the same pan, heat ½ tbsp oil over medium heat, add the diced Shiitake mushrooms, preserved radish, fry together for a few minutes to cook off the water and brown on the edges, then add the grated carrots to fry together for a bit before adding in rest of the seasonings for the filling mixture and stir fry until everything is softened and cooked through. Add 1 - 1½ tbsp soaked mushrooms water if the sauce becomes too dry. When finished frying, empty the filling mixture onto a plate.

9  Wipe clean the pan, put the radish in with the seasonings and mushroom water (see ‘for the radish’ in the ingredients list). Bring to the boil, turn down to simmer over a low heat for 10 minutes until the radish becomes translucent. Turn the radish over every few minutes to help cook evenly.

10  Once the radish is cooked, stir the flour mixture (batter) again until smooth. Empty the hot radish with the liquid into the batter immediately and stir to combine, this will help to cook the batter a little bit. Then add all the cooked filling mixtures and stir everything together well. Brush a little oil on the pan, pour the whole mixture back into it, stir over low heat to cook the batter mixture until thickened - this only takes a few minutes. Turn off the heat.

11  Empty the radish cake mixture into the lined loaf tin. Use a soft and flexible silicone spatula to press it in evenly, making sure the cake mixture is firmly packed down, level and fit into all corners, to ensure there won’t be any holes or gaps between the fillings. Cover the top and the side with a piece of foil.

12  Fill the steamer with water to the maximum height possible and bring to the boil. Place the Radish cake inside, cover and steam on high heat for 50 minutes, or until you can insert a wooden skewer into the centre which comes out clear (a little bit of sticky translucent cooked flour is ok). Alternatively, use a thermometer to check the internal temperature of the radish cake, the centre should be around 98°C/210°F. Check level of the water half way and refill it if needed.

13  Lift the cake out and let it cool completely, then cover and store in the fridge overnight to firm up (don’t miss this step), before slicing into ½ inch thick pieces the next day. then sliced ¼ of it to pan-fry, and kept the rest in the fridge.

14  Pan fry the slices in a non-stick or a well seasoned flat pan with 1-2 tbsp oil over medium heat, frying until golden on both side. Garnish with pea shoots, toasted sesame seeds, chopped coriander or spring onions (optional). Serve with congee, hot tea, and chilli sauce.


(這材料可以製作 1 個大吐司麵包模具的份量,你可以用手上擁有的任何容器,圓形或長方形,只要它們能够放進你的蒸籠即可)




小麥澱粉 ¼

玉米粉 ½ 大匙

¼ 小匙

白胡椒粉 ¼ 小匙

天然蘑菇調味料 ¼ 小匙

無味植物油 1 大匙


乾香菇 40g

乾蘿蔔條 80g

金針菇 200g

中等大小的红蘿蔔 1


1 小匙

白胡椒粉 ¼ 小匙

天然蘑菇調味料 ½ 小匙

生抽 ½ 小匙

素蠔油 1 大匙

芝麻油 1 大匙

米酒 1 大匙

* 自製椒調鹽味粉 ½ 小匙

煎炒用: 無味植物油 2 大匙

* 自製椒鹽調味  :


2 大匙

白胡椒粉 1 大匙

花椒粉 1 大匙

1 大匙

天然蘑菇調味料 1 小匙

五香粉 ½ 小匙

乾辣椒籽 2 大匙


中等大小的白蘿蔔 1 條(約450 - 600克)

浸泡香菇的水 ½

¼ 小匙

1 小匙

白胡椒粉 ½ 小匙


1 在一個大碗中,將粉漿混合物(粉糊)的成分攪拌在一起,直到完全混合,放在一旁備用。

2 將乾香菇用溫水浸泡 5-10分鐘至軟化。 倒掉水,徹底清洗乾淨,然後用新鮮的溫水(約 50°C)浸泡 2 小時。 保留浸泡的水。 將乾蘿蔔洗淨,然後浸泡一小時。

3 將餡料的調味料放入碗中拌匀。 將香菇中的水分擠出,切小丁。 將乾蘿蔔條按乾,也切小丁。 將紅蘿蔔去皮並刨成絲。

4 把金針菇底部切掉後洗乾淨,用乾淨廚巾吸乾水分,切成小段。

5 將白蘿蔔去皮。 刨絲或切成幼條 (我刨一半,切一半)


7 以中火加熱煎鍋,下 2 大匙油,加入切段的金針菇。 用中火輕輕煎炒至金黃色,轉小火,加入 ½ 小匙 * 自製椒鹽調味粉,兜拌均勻,然後倒出進小碗中。

8 抹乾剛用的鍋,中火燒熱 ½ 大匙油,加入香菇丁、蘿蔔乾一起炒幾分鐘,將水份煮至邊緣焦黃,然後加入胡蘿蔔碎一起炒。加入其餘的調味料作為餡料,攪拌直至所有東西都軟化並煮熟。 如果醬汁太乾,加入 1 - 1½ 湯匙浸泡蘑菇的水。 煎完後,將餡料倒到盤子上。

9 將鍋子擦乾淨,加進蘿蔔、調味料和泡香菇水(請參閱食材表中的「煮蘿蔔」)。 大火燒開,轉小火煮 10 分鐘至蘿蔔半透明。 每隔幾分鐘翻動一下,以幫助均勻煮透。

10 蘿蔔煮熟後,再次攪拌粉漿(粉糊)直至光滑。 然後馬上將熱蘿蔔和湯汁倒入粉漿中,攪拌混合,這將有助於粉糊稍微煮熟。 進而加入所有煮熟的餡料並全部攪拌均勻。 在鍋子上擦點油,將整個粉糊混合物倒回鍋中,用小火攪拌,煮至變稠 —— 只需要幾分鐘。 關火。

11 將煮過的蘿蔔糕粉漿倒入已鋪好烘焙紙的麵包模具中。 用柔軟有彈性的矽膠抹刀將其均勻壓入,確保糕糊按實、平整並貼合各個角落,盡量讓餡料之間不會有任何孔洞或間隙。 用一塊鋁箔紙包著上方和四邊。

12 將蒸籠加水至盡可能高的位置並煮沸。 將蘿蔔糕放入,蓋上鍋蓋,大火蒸 50 分鐘,或用木籤插入中間,抽出來没粉糊便行了(一點點半透明的黏糊是可以的)。 或者,使用溫度計檢查蘿蔔糕的內部溫度,中心溫度應約為 98°C/210°F 便成。 中間查看水位,必要時重新加水。

13 將蘿蔔糕取出,讓它完全冷卻,然後放入容器,蓋上蓋子,放入冰箱隔夜好讓結實和入味(不要錯過這一步),第二天切成 ½ 吋厚的方塊。 我這裡因為要給大家看完成品的樣子,所以只等了 2 小時放涼,便切開四份,拿了 ¼ 去煎,剩下的就放進冰箱了。

14 將切片的蘿蔔糕放入不沾的平底鍋中,加入 1-2 大匙油,以中火煎至兩面金黃。 用豆苗、烤芝麻、切碎的香菜或蔥裝飾都行(可選)。 搭配粥、熱茶和辣椒醬一起享用。

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