Friday 12 December 2014

佳節套餐 - 前菜 Festive Three Course Dinner - Starter


A dear friend of mine told me, last year she followed my Turkey breast roll recipe, cooked up a big feast for her friends, everybody loved it. However his year she wouldn't have the time to cook so many side dishes, but still would like to prepare a simple meal for a few of her close friends. She said she wants to make a three course dinner which the dessert is the highlight of the menu, but doesn't require a lot of hard work. I said to her I might as well go over there and cook it for her.

結果我為她設計了一個她女兒也可以獨力應付的菜單,健康美味卻不平凡單調 ; 且在食材配搭上充滿美麗的節日色彩。

這個餐單的 前菜 : 塞拉諾火腿蜜瓜水牛奶酪卷沙拉。
                     主菜 : 檸檬蒜頭百里香烤雞,佐以小馬鈐薯,車厘子番茄和沙拉。
                     甜品 : 巧克力熔漿蛋糕 (心太軟 )


In the end I put together a meal idea so easy even her daughter can do it by herself. All three courses are simple to make and yet healthy and appealing, also full of festive colour and flavours.

The starter:  Honeydew melon, Mozzarella cheese wrapped with Serrano ham served on a bed of
The main course:  Lemon, garlic and thyme roasted chicken, serve with baby potatoes, roasted vine
                             cherry tomatoes and salad.
The dessert:  Chocolate fondant with fresh raspberries and vanilla ice-cream.

Here, I would like to share this mini festive menu with you as well. 

(4 人份 )

材料 : 

  • 塞拉諾火腿 Serrano ham ( or Parma ham ) 12 塊
  • 哈蜜瓜剖開去皮去籽切出 6 片,然後每片切成 2 段,共 12 小段。
  • 水牛乳酪 Mozzarella 3 球,每球切 4 - 5 片。
  • 沙拉菜 1 包洗淨瀝乾

Honeydew melon, Mozzarella cheese wrapped with Serrano ham served on a bed of salad
( serves 4 )


  • 12 slices Serrano ham or Parma ham
  • 6 slices of melon, each cut into 2
  • 3 balls of Mozzarella cheese, each cut into 4 - 5 slices
  • A bag of salad leaves, washed and drained

做法 :

  • 在每碟中舖上沙拉菜,將一塊火腿把一片蜜瓜和一片水牛奶酪包成一卷,把 3 卷在沙拉菜上排開成一人份的前菜。將自家製香醋沙拉醬油倒進小瓶上桌,讓客人自己淋在火腿卷和沙拉菜上。


在乾淨的果醬樽內,加入 3 湯匙橄欖油,1 湯匙黑香醋,一湯匙蜜糖,一湯匙有籽芥末醬,一小撮鹽,少許蒜蓉 ( 可以不加),擰密樽蓋,上下猛搖至勻便成。

明天我將與大家分享下一道的主菜 - 檸檬蒜頭百里香烤雞


  • Lay the salad leaves on the plate and top with three of the melon and cheese wraps. Put a jug of homemade vinaigrette dressing on the table for your guests to drizzle over the salad.
Homemade classic vinaigrette dressing:
  • In a clean jam jar, add 3 tbsp extra virgin olive oil, 1 tbsp balsamic vinegar, 1 tbsp honey, 1 tbsp whole grain mustard, a pinch of salt and some minced garlic ( optional ). Screw the lid tight and shake it vigorously for a few seconds until well mixed then it's ready to use.