Sunday 7 December 2014

聖誕大餐 Christmas Dinner


For some people, cooking a Christmas dinner is like going into battle! Firstly you have to decide which meat to roast, whether it’s going to be turkey, beef, lamb, pork or gammon. Then comes the question of the trimmings; what side dishes should accompany the main meat, and what sauces should be prepared to go with them? On top of that, precise timing is required in order to deliver the feast piping hot and fresh to the table. It’s no mean feat! 

不過,我認為用輕鬆的心情安排料理更是重要,這樣才能讓自己與家人親友一起愉快地享受這難得的一個聚會。請記住,家中的飯桌不是餐廳,不需要求得太完美。桌上有自己親手煮的菜,圍坐桌旁有自己愛和關心的人,大家盡情地把食物傳來遞去,堆滿一碟; 吃得飽滿幸福,才是過節的意義。 

I personally think that having an enjoyable, memorable dinner with those you love is the most important part of the occasion so preparing the meal itself should be relaxed affair. Don’t forget, your dining table is in your home and not at a restaurant; you don’t need everything to be perfect! As long as you are serving good food, sharing it with people you love and care about – everybody passing the dishes happily, helping themselves and piling up their plates – then you have served up a successful festive meal!


Here I would like to share with you some of my favourite Christmas recipes. Happy cooking!

松露巧克力蛋糕 Chocolate Truffle Torte

聖誕食譜一覽表 Rice Bowl Tales Christmas Recipes

鬆脆蘋果杏仁饀餅 Crunchy Apple & Almond Flan

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