Thursday 9 July 2015

海邊的週年紀念 Anniversary by the sea


I’ve been that busy writing the book and doing photography work lately that I hadn't really been keeping track of the date. My husband suggested a trip to the seaside for a little break the other day and at first I thought he was joking! 


It wasn't until he brought out the watches that we bought for each other before our wedding and put it on for me, then I remembered it’s nearly our anniversary! He told me he was taking me to visit a few breathtaking beaches and some charming little villages, how could I resist a suggestion like this?!


Before we set off, I was so worried that our almost-ripened cherries would get eaten by the birds during our absence, and our baby apples would get blown off the trees by the strong winds. 


On arriving back home after the trip, I immediately went to check on them and was surprised to find both cherries and apples all safe and well. Only then could I breathe a sigh of relief!


I will try and sort out the photos in the next few days and will share with you all the lovely places that we visited.