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烤脆皮豬腿肉 《聖誕美食》 Roast Pork with Crackling《Christmas Cooking》

我在英國已住上了三十一年, 身為媽媽的日子也已有二十四年了。我是在我兩個孩子出生後才正式開始學煮食的, 也是自從我大兒子吃的第一口稀粥開始, 日後他們每天的三餐, 都是我親手預備的。

I've been living in the UK for 31 years now, 24 years of which I have been a mother.  I started to learn to cook when my children were born, and from the day my eldest son took his first mouthful of solid food, I've been preparing their daily meals for them.

做了超過二十年的家庭煮婦; 世界各地各式的美食我都喜歡, 也煮過不少。但每逢週日或聖誕期間款待親友時,  我最愛為大家泡製的, 還是烤肉大餐。因為我知道每個人都愛吃。

In my domestic cooking career spanning more than two decades, I've cooked a variety of dishes inspired by countries from all over the world.  But when it comes to catering for family or friends at our house on Sundays or at Christmas times, there is nothing I like to cook more than a big lovely roast dinner, simply because everybody I know loves a good old roast.

說起烤肉。燒羊, 牛和雞都有很多的捧場客,  但烤豬肉則沒有太多人感到興趣。主要原因可能由於豬肉不容易烤得好吃, 特別是要烤到皮脆肉嫩的就更難。

Roast lamb, beef and chicken are among the preferred meat choices for most people, whilst pork is usually the least popular one.  The main reason is that pork is not easy to cook well, and it is particularly hard to produce the desired result of a crunchy, crispy crackle.

今天, 我便要為大家示範怎樣去做完美的烤豬肉。

Today I'm going to show you how to cook a perfect roast leg of pork.  

只要你跟著步驟去做, 你也可以隨時隨地在任何家庭聚會中端出這一道入口酥化的脆皮烤豬肉。

If you follow it step-by-step, you should be able to proudly serve golden roast pork complete with melt-in-the mouth crackling at any family gathering.

過程並不太難, 但如任何事情一樣; 要有成果, 也要付出點心機。

It's not hard work, but cooking is like everything else: you don't see results if you don't put in the effort.

( 4 - 6 人份 )
  • 豬腿一截約 2 - 3 公斤重
  • 蒜蓉 1 茶匙+ 1 茶匙橄欖油
  • 茴香籽 2 茶匙
  • 橄欖油 1 湯匙
  • 鮮磨海鹽黑椒末
Roast Pork with Crackling

( serves 4-6)
  • A joint of leg of pork 2 - 3 kg
  • 1 teaspoon minced garlic + 1 teaspoon olive oil
  • 2 teaspoon fennel seeds
  • 1 tablespoon olive oil
  • Freshly ground sea salt and black pepper

1.  首先要去肉鋪或超市買一截好質素的豬腿回來。要確保皮的外層在每 1/2 cm  (5mm) 的
     距離間用刀劃下切痕。你也可以用斯但利刀或解剖刀自己割劃的, 切開便可以了,不要太深

1.  So first thing first, get yourself a good joint of pork from butchers or supermarket.  Make sure the surface  
     of the skin is scored, with the lines about every 1/2 cm (5mm) apart.  You can score your own joint using 
     a Stanley knife or a scalpel.

2.  在燒烤前的一天把豬腿包裝除去, 用沸水把豬皮淋遍, 然後用廚紙把整截豬腿印乾。用風
     筒盡量吹乾; 把豬腿放在大篩上, 再置大碗中, 不要蓋著放進冰箱內隔一夜, 讓裏面的冷氣把
     豬腿風得更乾 。因為愈乾的皮, 烤出來才會愈脆 。

2.  The day before you cook your joint unwrap it from any packaging, pour boiling water over the skin and 
     then pat-dry it thoroughly with kitchen towel, using a hair dryer to blow-dry it completely.  Sit the pork 
     on a colander or a sieve on top of a big bowl and put in the fridge overnight uncovered, letting the cold air 
     in the fridge dry off the pork further.

3.  第二天要烤的時候, 把豬腿肉取出。入爐之前 15 分鐘把焗爐調溫至240 C / 475 F / Gas 9, 解
     開繩子, 把肉攤開, 在較厚的部份切開一點如下圖, 好讓厚度比較均勻。把皮朝上, 如還看到
     水份的話再用廚紙印乾, 然後用風筒把皮再吹 5 分鐘。

3.  Next day when the time comes to cook the pork, take the joint out from the fridge. 15 minutes before
     cooking,  preheat the oven to 240 C / 475 F / Gas 9. Untie the strings on the joint, roll the joint out, use a
     knife to cut into the thinker part of the meat to open up the pork and even out the thickness. Turn the skin
     side up, patting it dry if any fluid is still visible; then use a hair dryer to blow dry the skin for 5 minutes.

4.  把豬肉反轉, 首先磨上適量的海鹽黑椒。

4.  Turn the pork over, and season the inside of the pork well with freshly ground salt and pepper.

5.  然後把蒜蓉末和茴香籽加 1 茶匙橄欖油混合均勻地塗抹在肉上。

5.  Then mix the minced garlic and fennel seeds together with a teaspoon of olive oil, and spread it evenly
     on the meat.  

6.  跟著把豬肉反轉, 在皮上均勻抹上適量海鹽, 注意要盡量按進皮的割縫去。把橄欖油塗沒在
     皮外和肉的兩旁, 再磨上更多的海鹽 ( 你需要用上頗多的海鹽才可獲得脆皮的效果 ) 。

6.  Next turn the pork round, rub sea salt all over the skin, making sure to massage the salt into all the 
     cracks.  Spread olive oil over the joint, grind some more sea salt over it. ( You will 
     need to use a fair bit of sea salt to achieve the crackling result when roasting ).

7.  用小繩子把豬腿肉紮回原形, 在烤盤上鋪上 2 -3 層的錫紙; 燒烤期間如果太多油流進盤中的
     話, 可以小心地把最上層的那張錫紙取去包起來, 待涼時便可丟進垃圾箱內 。

7.  Tie the string back on the joint and line a baking tray with 2 - 3 layer of foil; half way through cooking 
     there will be too much oil dripping through onto the tray, but then you can just carefully peel off the first 
     layer of the foil, wrap it up and leave it on one side to cool down before you put it in the bin.

8.  我烤肉是用最傳統的計算法 : 每磅肉烤 20 分鐘, 另外在開始和終結再各加 20 分鐘。
     舉例: 這截肉是 2.3 kg, 約等於 5 磅重;  5 磅 x 20 分鐘 = 100 分鐘, 再加頭尾需要的 20 分鐘
     = 140 分鐘。

     用 240 C / 457 F / Gas 9 烤 30 分鐘, 把溫度降至 220 C / 425 F / Gas 7, 再烤 50 分鐘; 跟著把烤
     爐降至 180 C / 350 F / Gas 4 再烤約 60 分鐘左右, 這段時間由中段開始, 可以每 15 分鐘左右
     用煮食測溫針剌進腿肉中間部份, 如果達 至 71 - 77C, 肉中間的溫度已是安全, 可以從
     烤爐內取出。置在室中溫暖部份或用錫紙輕輕蓋著, 20 - 30 分鐘後便可切肉上桌。這樣的
     燒烤法, 不但止可以確保肉類烤熟到可以殺去對人體有害的細菌, 還能保證我們永遠不會把
8.  My timing for roasting has always been the very traditional one; calculated like this:  adding 20 minutes in
     the beginning and 20 minutes at the end of the roasting time plus 20 minutes for each lb of meat.
     E.g. This joint is 2.3 kg, which is about 5 lb;  so 5lb x 20 min. = 100 min. plus 40 min = 140 minutes
     Roast the joint at 240C  / 457 F / Gas 9 for 30 minutes, then turn down to 220C  / 42蘋5 F / Gas 7, and 
     cook for a further 50 minute,   following that, turn the oven down to 180 C / 350 F / Gas 4 to cook for
     about 60 minutes. Insert a cooking thermometer into the centre part of the meat; if it produces a reading
     of 71-77 C, then it's safe and ready to take it out from the oven.  Allow to relax in a warm place or
     loosely covered with a foil on top for 20 - 30  minutes before carving. Cooking this way not only 
     guaranteed the inside of the meat is cooked to the temperature  reached to destroy any harmful bacteria, 
     and you'll also never need to worry about the meat being over cooked again!


  • 煮食蘋果或任何青色蘋果 4 隻去皮去心切小角
  • 白糖 1/4 杯
  • 水 3/4 杯
  • 肉桂粉 1/2 茶匙 

  • 小煲內, 將所有材料放進攪拌, 加蓋。 用中火煮 15-20 分鐘至軟稔適中, 用叉子把蘋果搓綿, 盛在小碗中上桌, 與切片的烤豬肉加烤汁同吃。

烤汁 ( 健康版 )

  • 麵粉 1 湯匙
  • 上湯 500ml ( 或用有機菜精粒根據份量開水)
  • 白酒 2 湯匙
  • 鮮磨海鹽黑椒
  • 小煲內加入上湯, 下麵粉用蛋拂拌勻。罝爐上用中小火慢慢煮沸, 期間不斷攪拂。加白酒,  繼續用小火煮至稀稠合度, 磨下海鹽黑椒調味。 可以加少許老抽調色 ( 深色醬油, 不鹹的),倒進烤汁容器內伴烤豬肉, 蘋果醬上桌。

Apple Sauce:

  • 4 apples, peeled, cored and chopped.
  • 1/2 cup white sugar
  • 3/4 cup water
  • 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon powder
  • In a saucepan, combine all ingredients, stir well. Cover, and cook over medium heat for 15-20 minutes or until the apples are soft, mash with a fork, then serve with the sliced roast pork and gravy. 

For the gravy ( healthy option ):

  • 1 tablespoon plain flour
  • 500 ml stock ( or use good quality organic vegetable stock cube to make up )
  • 2 tablespoon white wine
  • Freshly ground salt and black pepper
  • Pour the stock in a saucepan, stir in the plain flour, whisk until dissolve. Put the pan on the hob, cook gently until the gravy is slightly thickened, stirring all the time. Add the white wine, simmer to the desired consistency. Season with freshly ground salt and black pepper, add a little dark soy sauce to enhance the colour if you like. Transfer into a gravy jug to serve with the roast pork and apple sauce.

  • 燒烤期間, 不要用漏出的油塗回肉上, 燒豬的皮愈乾爽, 才會愈脆!

A little reminder: 
  • Don't baste the pork, or the crackling won't be crisp; the dryer the skin, the crunchier it becomes! 

     你們可以從這網址上細看有關不同肉類烹飪時需要達到的安全內部溫度 :

     You can find out what is the safe cooking internal temperature for all different types of meat from this

像這樣的食物內部溫度探測器, 用途很廣泛, 在英國才售 £ 9,99。為了方便烹飪和家人的健康安全, 我認為每個家庭也應該擁有一部。

A cooking thermometer like this is very useful; and it's only cost around £ 9.99 in the UK. For the convenience in the kitchen and the health and safety of your family, I think every house hold should have one.

我將會陸續介紹更多聖誕美食, 讓大家為聖誕新年期間的餐桌網羅更多食譜。

I will be posting more recipes for Christmas cooking,  to equip you with lots of delicious ideas ready for the festive season.


  1. Hi Jane, this is really nice, great article again.
    Sure have to try out this wonderful roast!

    1. Dear Catlux,

      Thank you so much!! Always feel so touched by your message, you're very kind!!
      Coming up to Christmas and New Years’ time, no doubt there will be plenty of opportunities to try it out :)

  2. Hello Jane :)

    Oh gosh... is it really November and Christmas is just around the corner? Time flies by way too quickly!!!

    This roast pork is what I call PERFECT!!! It looks and I bet tastes even better ~ I wish I could celebrate Xmas at your house!!

    I didn't know that you had to dry out the roast pork the day before you roast it, but then it makes sense but hahaha never have I thought of using my hair dryer like that!

    OK plan is Mr Bao and I are gonna make a Roast Turkey for Xmas this year....but I think we're going to make your Roast Pork as well just in case the turkey fails hehe are you going to do a Turkey recipe too? :) xox

    1. Dear Daisy,

      I'm afraid so! I totally agree with you!!

      Thank you! It was really lovely indeed, especially with the home-made apple sauce and home-made gravy ;p Wish I can share that with you!!

      Yes the blow-drying method makes a lot of different to the skin, so please don't skip that step:)

      I think it's worth it if you and Mr Bao do a trial run before Christmas,just in case any disappointment on the day. Yes I'm going to do a roast turkey, can't wait!!


  3. 外酥內嫩的豬腿肉讓人食指大動

    1. Dear 小咪,

      說真啊, 吃那脆脆的豬皮, 是欲罷不能的 :) ~

  4. 稍早才在格友家看到烤乳豬


    1. Dear 蘋果米,

      可以週遊列博 ~

      希望你可以買到 :)

  5. This looks fantastic!! Thanks for the very detailed step-by-step explanation.


    1. Dear Calla,

      Thank you very much! I hope it explained everything clear enough; if you still have any questions, please let me know.

  6. 我第一次买猪脚,买到的是前腿(猪手),靠近猪蹄的部分,它的形状很不规则很难绑吔!一个猪手不过1kg多,可是你用的猪腿整两三kg,我怀疑我是不是买错了部位?


    我好多问题哦!好希望能得到解答…… T____T

  7. Dear Yeoksan,

    我沒烤過豬手呢! 你或可試試 : 先計算重量, 假如 3 磅重, 3x20分鐘 = 60分鐘; 再加頭尾各所需的 20分 = 40, 燒烤時間估計共 100 分鐘.
    試試這樣 (我也是估計): 用 240C 烤 30分鐘; 降溫至 220C 烤 30 分; 然後用 180C 烤剩餘的時間; 其間要用溫度測量氣或筷子插入檢查是否已熟.

    豬肉的中間攤開抹調味料¸ 捲起時塗抹海鹽和橄欖油, 烤好後吃時伴萍果醬 (apple sauce, 超市有買) 和烤汁, 已夠好味的了.

    不要緊啊, 祝你烤得好玩成功 :)

  8. Wah....! Yummy! never try this before .....that made me think of another christmas dish- Roast Ham ...^v^

    thanks for sharing!

    1. Dear Jess,

      Thank you very much ~ you're very welcome!! Indeed there are so many things to make for Christmas, sometimes I don't even know where to start :) ~

  9. Look yum! similar like our roast pork, the only difference is you tie it round..remind of Japanese char siew too..

    1. Dear Sonia,

      Thank you! It is a little bit, but I think roast pork joint is more difficult to do well; because with Chinese roast pork, we use the belly part which is succulent any way, leg of pork is so lean, in order to achieve the result of crunchy crackling skin but moist and tender inside the joint takes some effort :)

  10. Love crackling!!! Perfect pork roast!

    1. Dear Kelly,

      Thanks! I know!! If I order roast pork in a restaurant, it would only be because of the crackling :)

  11. Hi,

    1. Dear Lisa,

      1. 用來做三文治; 加點海鹽, 黑椒, 蘋果醬和芥末; 夾進麵包內,好吃得很!!
      2. 我沒試過回烤, 但有試過把肉放進微波爐翻熱 配再煮或翻熱的烤汁, 新鮮的蔬菜或馬玲薯.
      3. 也可以把肉切絲; 炒一鍋色彩繽紛的雜菜, 最後才下豬肉絲炒熱. 可加芝麻或辣醬同炒.

      Have fun!! ~

  12. Hi Jant,

    1. Dear Lisa,

      很多謝你來把這經驗告訴我,看得我都笑了出來 :)
      下次有時間做個簡單得多的燒(烤)豬腩與你分享 ~