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Vegan Christmas Chocolate Yule Log 素聖誕巧克力樹幹卷

This chocolate roll does not use egg or dairy, but is still decadent. The body of the cake is dense and moist whilst the coconut milk vanilla filling is soft, light and fragrant. The outer layer of chocolate icing is rich and smooth with the addition of roasted walnuts on top adding a nutty crunch. You can taste different textures and flavours with each bite.

這個巧克力卷不用蛋奶, 卻是好吃到不行。糕身綿密鬆軟,椰奶雲尼拿饀料芬芳輕柔,巧克力外層香濃幼滑,烤過的合桃充滿果仁酥脆,每一嘴嚼都品嚐到不同的質感和口味。

Christmas Chocolate Yule Log has always been one of our family's favourite desserts of all time. So I took on the challenge to veganise it, and now I’m very eager to share this festive, delicious and easy recipe and cooking video with you.

Although there are several steps in making this yule log, they are all very easy. Even if there are some slight imperfections to your bake at each stage, there is no need to worry about it. There are bound to be a few cracks on the surface of the rolled cake as cocoa powder was added, or some of the outer layer getting stuck to the baking paper, but the final stage of creating the bark like texture with your chocolate coating will easily cover everything, and will complete your beautiful and irresistible Christmas Chocolate Yule Log.




Vegan Christmas Chocolate Yule Log


For the sponge roulade :

3 tsp Egg replacer powder ( I use *Orgran brand NO EGG - EGG REPLACER )

85g golden caster sugar

1 tbsp vegan butter

85g all purpose plain flour

2 tbsp cocoa powder 

1 tsp baking powder 

For the cream filling:

150ml vegan double cream ( I used ‘The Coconut Collab’ Double Cream )

1 tbsp icing sugar icing sugar

1 tsp vanilla extract

For the chocolate icing:

50g vegan butter

140g dark chocolate

1 tbsp golden syrup

125ml vegan double cream  ( I used ‘The Coconut Collab’ Double Cream )

100g icing sugar powder

You also need:

4 tbsp chopped toasted walnuts for garnish

1  23cm x 32cm Swiss roll baking tin

* The ingredients used in NO EGG - EGG REPLACER by Orgran brand are:
potato starch, tapioca starch, calcium carbonate, citric acid, vegetable gum, methycellulose

Method :

  1. Make the sponge roulade first: Add sugar to a large bowl. Then according to package instructions, add 3 tsp egg replacer powder to a small bowl, add 6 tbsp water and mix well to replace 3 eggs (1 tsp egg replacer powder mixed with 2 tbsp water to replace 1 egg). Add the vegan butter to the sugar in a large bowl, pour in the substitute egg, and beat until slightly thick and smooth with an electric hand held whisk, about 3 minutes.
  2. Take 2 tbsp plain flour out, add cocoa powder and baking powder in, mix well, sift into the sugar and vegan egg mixture, use a silicone spatula to gently turn and stir to form a smooth cake batter.
  3. Brush a little oil on the swiss roll baking tray before lining the baking paper, which can help the paper stick to the tray. Then brush a layer of oil on the baking paper.
  4. Preheat the oven to 180C / 160C fan.
  5. Empty the cake batter into the baking tray, spreading evenly and close to the corners and edges. Bake in the preheated oven for about 7 - 8 minutes. Because the sponge is so thin, take care not to over cook it, or it will crack badly when trying to roll it up. Insert a bamboo stick to test, if it's clean when the stick pulled out then it's ready. 
  6. Cover the sponge with a clean damp kitchen towel and leave to one side.
  7. Make the chocolate icing: put a small amount of water in a small pot and boil on the stove, keep it on medium heat, put a medium-sized deep dish on top, add the vegan butter and chocolate pieces, and cook slowly over water. Pour into a large bowl, add syrup and double cream, mix in icing sugar and mix until very smooth. Cover and set aside at room temperature.
  8. Spread a piece of baking parchment on the table, brush oil on top or sprinkle over with caster sugar, turnout the cake onto the parchment, and peel off the lining paper on top. Use sharp knife to trim the edges. Carefully roll the cake up with the paper inside.
  9. To make the cream filling: beat the cream, vanilla extract and icing sugar till it forms soft peak. Gently unroll the cake, spread the cream over.
  10. Roll the cake up gently and carefully, because we only used very small amount vegan butter to make the sponge mix, inevitably it will have some small cracks, but it doesn't matter, they will be covered by the chocolate icing later.
  11. Spread chocolate icing on one side of the Yule log, use a fork to draw lines to look like bark. Press walnut pieces on the chocolate icing, sprinkle with icing sugar to resemble snow. Wait until the chocolate icing become harden, repeat the above steps all round, until the whole Yule Log is completed. Then carefully lift it onto a clean plate and serve.




雞蛋代用粉 3 小匙 (我用的是 *Orgran 牌子的 NO EGG - EGG REPLACER)

黃砂糖 Golden caster sugar 85g 

植物奶油 vegan butter 1 大匙

中筋麵粉 all purpose plain flour 85g 

可可粉 cocoa powder 2 大匙

泡打粉 baking powder 1 小匙


純素雙層奶油 vegan double cream ( heavy cream ) 150ml 

糖霜粉 icing sugar 1 大匙

雲尼拿香草精 1 小匙


植物奶油 vegan butter 50g 

黑巧克力 dark chocolate 140g

金黃糖漿 1 大匙

純素雙層奶油 double cream ( heavy cream ) 125ml 

糖霜粉 100g


烤合桃碎 4 大匙作裝飾用

瑞士蛋卷 23 cm x 32 cm 烤盤 1

* Orgran 牌子雞蛋代用粉 NO EGG - EGG REPLACER 用的材料是:



  1. 先做糕卷:大碗中加進糖。然後根據包裝指示,把 3 小匙雞蛋代用粉加入一小碗中,加 6 大匙水拌匀代替 3 個雞蛋 ( 1 小匙雞蛋代用粉加 2 大匙水拌匀代替 1 個雞蛋 ) 把植物奶油加入大碗上的糖,倒入代用蛋 , 用手提打蛋器打至略為厚滑,約 3 分鐘左右。   
  2. 從麵粉中取起 2 大匙,加入可可粉,泡打粉拌匀,過篩進糖蛋液中,用矽膠刮輕輕翻攪拌勻成麵糊。   
  3. 在瑞士卷烤盤上先刷少許油才把烘焙紙鋪上, 可助紙黏緊盤上。然後在烘焙纸上也刷一層油。
  4. 預熱烤箱至 180C / 160C fan.
  5. 麵糊撥進烤盤舖勻至邊角緊貼, 抹平。置預熱烤箱內,烤 7 - 8 分鐘左右因糕身薄要小心留意, 不要烘焦, 否則捲時會容易爆裂。至表面微黃, 用竹籤剌進, 抽出來時沒有黏物便成
  6. 取出用乾淨微濕廚巾蓋著備用。
  7. 做巧克力外層: 小鍋中置小量水在爐上煮開,保持中火,上放中型深碗,加進植物奶油和巧克力塊,隔水慢熱煮融。取起倒入大碗中, 加入糖漿和雙層奶油 , 混進糖霜粉, 拌至十分光滑,蓋著置室温備用。
  8. 檯上鋪一塊烘焙紙, 紙上刷油或撒一層幼砂糖以防糕面黏底。糕塊小心反倒在紙上, 糕底向上, 輕撕去糕底的紙, 用利刀將四邊修切整齊。小心輕力連紙一起把蛋糕捲起,請参考視頻頻。置一旁備用。
  9. 做奶油餡料 : 雙層奶油,糖霜粉和雲尼拿香草精加進容器内,用手持攪拌機打至起軟角。 輕輕放平蛋糕把奶油餡均勻塗上。
  10. 小心把糕塊再捲起。有小裂痕在所難免,但沒有問題,等會用巧克力糖霜可以蓋過的。
  11. 將一邊的糕卷塗上巧克力糖霜, 用叉子劃下樹皮紋, 按上合桃碎 ; 灑下糖粉模仿下雪。稍待外層硬化一點後才小心反轉塗另一面; 重覆上述步驟至整個蛋糕卷塗滿巧克力糖霜。 然後才小心放在乾淨的盛盤上桌。

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