Saturday 1 December 2012

烤煙肉填饀豬柳卷《聖誕美食》 Roast Stuffed Pork with Bacon Wrap 《Christmas Cooking》


Some readers and blogger friends have asked me if I will be demonstrating how to roast a Turkey this year. 

火雞是傳統的聖誕食物,多年來在我家並不算深受歡迎。但我本人很喜歡火雞,聖誕前後怎樣也會烤一隻來應節。下星期我便會烤一隻有機走地銅色火雞 Organic free range bronze Turkey, 誰有興趣的話, 敬請留意。

Although turkey is traditional Christmas food, it's never been really popular in our house as the main dish on
Christmas day. Personally I love Turkey, and will be roasting one during the festive season as usual. I am going to cook an organic free range bronze Turkey next week, if you're interested, please look out.

幾星期前跟大家介紹的烤脆皮豬腿食譜很受歡迎,多謝大家的捧塲! 前天做了一個省時美味的烤煙肉豬柳卷,非常好吃。在佳節期間,家裏人小或只想做些簡單點、甚至要轉換口味的烤肉餐時, 可以考慮弄這個試試。

材料和做法很簡單。二條豬里脊肉,12 塊腩片煙肉(培根), 一些蘑菇,洋葱和一些香草便成了。

A few weeks ago, the 《roast pork with crackling 》I cooked seemed to be quite well received by everybody, thank you very much for all your support!  I made a very nice roast stuffed tenderloin wrapped in bacon the other day: so delicious. It's an ideal lighter version of a roast dinner, for a smaller dinner party or super for two. Or for if you simply want to try out a different recipe.

The ingredients and method are simple. Just two tenderloin pork fillets, 12 bacon rashers, a onion, one egg, some mushrooms and fresh herbs, and that's all you need.


Pork tender loin is a cut of pork. As with all animals that walk on four legs, the tenderloin refers to the major muscle along the central spine portion, ventral to the lumbar vertebrae. This is the most tender part of the animal, because these muscles are used for posture, rather than movement.

價錢其實不昂貴。通常在超市的冷風櫃便可找到,多數預先包裝的。像下面材料圖那樣 1 lb 重一條的才賣 £3.50。

Prices for these type of meat are not expensive. They are often sold as prepackaged products in the refrigerated section of most supermarkets. A 1 lb one like the ingredients photo below only cost £3.50.


( 4 人份 )
  • 豬里脊肉 2 條 ( 每條約454g / 1 lb 重 )
  • 腩片煙肉 ( 培根) 12 塊
  • 鮮磨海鹽、黑椒
  • 香菜 parsley、百里香 thyme 各一小束切碎
  • 迷迭香 rosemary 作裝飾
  • Portobello 或任何種類磨菇 113g / 4 oz 切小角
  • 大紅洋葱 1 隻切碎粒
  • 一小束百里香切碎
  • 蛋 1 隻打發好
  • 香菜 一大束切碎
  • 蒜頭 2 粒搗蓉

 Roast Stuffed Pork with Bacon Wrap 《Christmas Cooking》

( serves 4 )
  • 2 pork tenderloin fillets ( about 454g / 1lb each)
  • 12 rashers bacon
  • Salt and freshly ground black pepper
  • Chopped parsley and thyme
  • Rosemary sprigs, to garnish
For the stuffing:
  • 1 large red onion, finely chopped
  • a small handful of thyme, finely chopped
  • 113g / 4 oz portobello mushrooms or any other type, finely chopped
  • 1 egg beaten
  • a large handful or parsley, finely chopped
  • 2 garlic cloves, crushed

1.  先做填餡料。燒紅鍋,下油 1 湯匙,加入洋葱炒 5 分鐘。下磨菇、蒜蓉和百里香,鹽和黑
     椒末,一起炒軟, 盛進大碗去,把蛋加進拌勻。

     To make the stuffing, heat the pan, add 1 tablespoon oil, fry the onion for about 5 minutes. Stir in the 
     thyme and mushrooms, garlic, salt and pepper, cook until soft, then transfer the contents of the pan to a
     bowl, add the egg and mix all together.

2.  預熱焗爐至 200C / 400F / Gas6。把两條豬柳用刀中間切開但不要切斷。打開像两本書一
     樣。保鮮膜把肉包著, 用擀麵棍把肉輾平。打開两邊磨上適量海鹽黑椒。

     Preheat oven to 200C / 400F / Gas 6. Slice the pork fillets in half lengthways, taking care not to cut right
     through, and open out like a book.  Cover the meat with cling film and flatten each fillet with a rolling pin.
     Remove the clingfilm and season well.                                                                                 

3.    把一塊肉平放在烤盤上,  把填餡料鋪上。
       Lay one of the fillets in a roasting tray and put the stuffing on top.

4.  把另一塊肉蓋在饀料上,將煙肉逐塊鋪上。然後先將兩邊的肉扶起,把煙肉按進底部,用

     Place the other fillet on top and lay the bacon rashers on top of the fillets.  Roll the fillets over slightly, 
     tucking the ends of the bacon under, then secure with cocktail sticks.

5.    將肉卷放在烤盤的架上才置於烤盤上,入焗爐內烤 1 小時。其間我取出來,讓大家看看,
       烤肉時會流出水份,用烤架便可與水份隔離 。 繼續燒烤,夠鐘時用食物温度測量器剌進
       ( 在這篇中我有介紹用食物温度測量器測試烤肉的好處 ) , 如温度達至 71 C ,便熟得剛
       好。取出用錫紙稍蓋著,至少要等 15 分鐘才可切塊。  

       Put one of the fillets on the rack on top of the roasting tray, roast in the oven for 1 hour.   I took it out 
       half  way through to let you have a look to see how the fluid have been dripping onto the tray. when the
       time is up, use a meat thermometer to insert into the pork ( I wrote in this post about how good a meat 
       thermometer is ).  If the temperature reaches 71 C, then the pork is cooked. Take it out and loosely
       cover with a piece of foil, wait at least 15 minutes before you slice them to serve. 

入冬後每天的下午天都黑得很快,又很冷!我們這兒已連續下了一星期的雨,現在卻變成霜 和霧;天氣預測這两天還會下雪。

還有三星期便是聖誕節了。只要想起我們的兒女都會同時回家,心內便感到温暖興奮。將會有很多東西要預備。聖誕蛋糕、聖誔布丁、聖誕百果餡餅、曲奇餅。聖誕咭、禮物、裝飾 ...
還有聖誕餐、甜品等等 ...


It gets so dark so soon in the afternoon, and so cold! We've had a whole week of rain, now it turned into frost and fog; the forecast said the snow is on it's way.

Only 3 weeks to go before Christmas, the thought of having our children back home again makes me feel very warm and excited. There are so many things to prepared; the Christmas cake, Christmas pudding, Christmas mince pies, cookies. Christmas cards, presents, decorations ... then the Christmas dinners, desserts ...

So if you don't see me update my post quick enough, you'll know what the reasons are!


  1. Go go go , prepared more good foods for your family , and I know you will enjoy this great moment , hehehe ..Your roast stuffed pork sound so good and delicious.

    1. Dear Sonia,

      Thank you so much!! I am indeed very excited about this festive mood and season, especially because my children are coming home in a couple of weeks time, and my daughter will be staying until after the New Year, can't wait :D

  2. Jane大姐!!
    =) 看似很好吃哈!!

    1. Dear 莎莎,

      很適合忙碌的煮婦 ~
      也預祝你聖誕快樂 :)

  3. 哎呀,很想吃呢!
    看了就很羡慕,你哪儿那浓浓的圣诞气氛 :)

    1. Dear Cass,

      有好有不好啦 ~ 我們的聖誕氣氛是很濃,天氣卻冷得要命呢 :S

  4. You are soooo hardworking!! I haven't even started planning for Xmas yet. This recipe would be nice for a small dinner though as I'm probably just going to cook for Frank and I. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Dear Kelly,

      I don't know who is more hard working?! Seeing you doing all sort of activities successfully as well as keeping your blog updates so brilliantly, sometimes I want to ask you what's your secret :) This pork roast is really lovely, and so easy to do too!!

  5. It's okay Jane :) You don't need to rush in blogging! I'm loving all your Festive recipes ~ We finally roasted our first glazed ham last weekend, and thankfully it was a success.

    Now I would love to advance into making this roast stuffed pork! especially with bacon it'll be such a hit amongst my friends :) but lol that will all depend on Mr Bao and whether he's willing to make it :P

    Can't wait for your turkey recipe post! We're still stressing out about how and what do do with a 4 kilo turkey hahaha

    1. Dear Daisy,

      Thank you very much!! You and Mr Bao are so sweet together, when you two join force, I believe there won't be any recipe that you can't succeed!!

      This roast stuffed pork is a quick but lovely answer for a last minute dinner plan or small dinner party. Hassle free and presentable. Once you've mastered the timing and technique, it can be something that you can pull out at a drop of a hat :)

      As we won't have our turkey order delivered until a week before Christmas, I'm afraid I won't be able to cook it until the 18th when we have a dinner party at our house. ( provided the turkey will be here then, fingers crossed!!)

  6. 烤出來的煙燻味香氣四溢

    1. Dear 小咪,

      做飯的人感到輕鬆,吃的人嚐到好味,皆大歡喜 :D

  7. Hi Jane, this is a lovely alternative to turkey, i am definitely gonna try this for our christmas this year. Turkey is exhorbitantly expensive here in malaysia, and we are not a big fan as we find the meat rather tough. So this is great, thanks for sharing a lovely recipe. I am sure your children will thoroughly enjoy spending family time and savouring these fabulous home cook food.

    1. Dear Esther,

      Thank you for your appreciation of this recipe. We loved it ourselves too.
      My family is not big fans of turkey as well, but I don't mind cooking it once a year just to keep up with the tradition.
      I am really looking forward to Christmas, especially this is the first time my children 'come home' for Christmas, as they both now living away from home after finishing uni.

  8. So amazing ~ 照片拍得太美了~!!!! >.< 關注你!!

    1. Dear SK Moo,

      Thank you! 很高興你喜歡 ~ 更謝謝你的關注喔!!